A&E Raising the Dead With 'The Returned' Remake

A&E wants to get into the undead game. To compete with that other A-titled cable channel and its zombie show, A&E is turning to the French series Les Revenants as a possible source of competition, Deadline reports. Better still, the network wants Bates Motel producer Carlton Cuse to come in and work his magic.

The Returned focuses on a group of people assumed dead who return to their small town and try to resume their daily lives. At the same time, all kinds of weirdness starts happening including violent murders all over town.

The show is based on Robin Campillo's film of the same name, which was re-titled They Came Back in the United States

To check out the first season of the original version, keep your eyes on the Sundance Channel as Halloween approaches. They'll have all eight episodes ready to go around then. Meanwhile, a second season is expected to air next year in France.

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