A&amp;E Orders Half-Hour Cop Drama From <i>Homicide's</i> Tom Fontana

Some of the best moments of the acclaimed 1990s police procedural Homicide: Life on the Street took place in the interrogation room, nicknamed "The Box," where Baltimore homicide detectives -- frequently Frank Pembleton, played by breakout star Andre Braugher -- went one on one with a suspect, chipping away at an alibi or wringing out a confession. No fancy sets, no action sequences; just two people in a small, bare room.

Apparently seeking to recapture that magic, A&E has bought a half-hour police drama from Homicide executive producer Tom Fontana set primarily in an interrogation room.

Deadline reports the series, titled appropriately enough The Box, will feature a small cast of detectives as they question a key suspect or witness, with the details of the crime revealed through their tension-filled verbal dance. A&E has ordered two scripts.

If picked up by the cable network, The Box will be produced by Fontana and his producing partner Barry Levinson, as well as Arvin Brown and George Stelzner.

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