Adventures of the Super Sons Brings a Classic DC Character to the Rebirth Era

After having fallen into comic book obscurity years before DC Comics rebooted its entire universe as 2011's New 52, a one-time fan-favorite character will make their return and Rebirth debut this Wednesday in Adventures of the Super Sons #6.

We're talking, of course, about Atari Force's Hukka.

While perhaps a large number of those reading this story are unfamiliar with Hukka, for DC Comics readers in the early to mid '80s, the orange alien is a familiar face. The character was introduced in Atari Force, a comic that spun out of an earlier series of promotional comics that were released as promotional items for several Atari 2600 console cartridges. Gerry Conway, José Luis García-López, Eduardo Barreto and others crafted a sci-fi continuity that captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of readers on a monthly basis.

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Though it was never quite the sales powerhouse of Marvel's GI Joe: A Real American Hero, which launched around the same time, Atari Force sold well enough to place itself in DC's Top Ten on a regular basis. The series remains fondly remembered by collectors of the era, thanks in large part to García-López's artwork and an engaging cast of characters -- including Hukka.

Named for the sound he makes, Hukka was the last survivor of his race, essentially an alien monkey who became the unofficial mascot of the Atari Force team. While the rest of the comic's cast would quickly fade into obscurity once the series was canceled, Hukka was brought into the mainstream DC Universe (sort of) as a recurring character in Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming's Ambush Bug miniseries where he would torment the titular hero.

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Now, Hukka has joined DC's modern continuity, as we see in CBR's exclusive preview for this week's Adventures of the Super Sons #6 by Peter J. Tomasi and Scott Godlewski. In the preview, Superboy and Robin find themselves on an alien planet populated by a (perhaps the) Hukka, who acts exactly as those of us who remember him would expect. He steals the dynamic duo's food, and leads them on a chase into the jungle where, presumably, they'll come face to face with the man who is seen threatening Robin on the issue's cover. As for whether he'll also have Atari Force ties is a mystery we'll have to wait for Wednesday, January 9 to solve.

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