Adventure Time Goes to War in Series Finale Trailer

As the 10th season of Adventure Time brings the beloved animated series to close, a new promo teases an epic finale for Pendleton Ward's creation.

Based on Ward's 2007 pilot, Adventure Time became an internet sensation before being commissioned by Cartoon Network for a full series. Over the past eight years, and 10 seasons, fans have traveled to the Land of Ooo to follow the madcap adventures of Jake the dog and Finn the human. However, as Adventure Time prepares its swansong, a four-part finale reveals the show's endgame.

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Season 10 has been released in blocks of four, and while the penultimate group of episodes only just dropped, the show is already looking ahead to its ending. With the focus on a huge battle between Princess Bubblegum and the forces of the villainous Uncle Gumbald, it looks like there is a lot to pack into the final run of episodes.

A voiceover from Niki Yang's BMO asks, "Do you know about the Great Gum War?" before we're shown what to expect from the finale. Featuring fan-favorite heroes and villains from across Adventure Time's entire run, the final four episodes promise to be an epic sendoff. However, the trailer reminds fans that Jake and Finn are still at the center of the action.


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Considering that Ward announced Adventure Time's end way back in 2016, viewers have had plenty of time to come to terms with the loss. He revealed his cartoon caper would conclude with Season 10, but didn't unveil his plans for how it would happen. Now, in 2018, the trailer shows exactly how the Land of Ooo will wrap up, with a Game of Thrones-style battle between good and evil.

Adventure Time has been a huge hit for both Ward and Cartoon Network, so it will be interesting to see what fills the void left behind by the loss of Jake, Finn & Co. For the time, however, the build-up to the Great Gum War will put events in motion for Adventure Time's ending. While there is no official release date for the next block of episodes, previous timings suggest it could be around June. Either way, fans are preparing to say goodbye to Adventure Time in style.


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