Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens #6

Story by
Art by
Meredith Gran, Rich Tammaso
Colors by
Lisa Moore
Letters by
Steve Wands
BOOM! Studios

Meredith Gran's "Adventure Time" mini-series comes to a nice close in "Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens" #6 along with a standalone short about the band by Rich Tammaso.

Gran's art is deliciously on model throughout this issue, with every character feeling perfectly executed, which really nicely anchors the story in the "Adventure Time" world. The push and pull of Marceline and Princess's friendship, and the pressure Marceline has been under as she becomes a big star has all worked very well throughout this series. The stakes raise considerably in this final issue. As things come to a head, fully manifesting when Princess leaves and Marceline physically transforms into a monster, overwhelmed by anxiety. It takes Princess returning and talking her friend down (in a bit of reverse psychology) to bring everything around and get to that happy "Adventure Time" ending that's expected. Great lines like "She won't listen to kindness!" and "You and I have creative differences!" give readers a good chuckle and the bright action-filled cartooning is simply a joy to look at.

Gran's story is followed by a Rich Tammaso short about Marceline's rival Stag Lee as he tries to sabotage her big performance by trapping her in her own stage inventions. There's not much meat to the story, but it's hard to get much meat out of seven pages. It would help it if was a funnier piece, as funny is certainly doable in seven pages. The art is decidedly (and deliberately?) off model, presenting something that is more one part indie comics and one part "Adventure Time." The art still works, but the characters feel less charming and funny when rendered this way.

On the whole, the "Adventure Time" comics are doing an excellent job of capturing the energy, fun and humor of the show, and this mini-series was no exception.

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