The 20 Strongest Adventure Time Characters, Ranked

The theme song might claim "the fun will never end," but the Adventure Time TV series is coming to its close with an hour-long finale on September 3rd. The story will be continued in a new canonical comic series from BOOM! Studios, but the defining comedy cartoon of the 2010s is on its last legs. Finn and Jake's "ultimate adventure" is sure to be a battle to remember, our last chance to see the crazy gods and creatures of Ooo show off their comedically over-the-top abilities. But of these gods and creatures, who in Adventure Time is the most powerful? This list shall provide an informed analysis of just who is the strongest in Ooo.

Note that Finn doesn't make this list. While he is the reincarnation of a powerful Catalyst Comet, in this life he's merely human, his victories against more powerful foes coming from a mix of teamwork, luck and weapons (some of which were cursed and ended up hurting Finn as much as helping him). His dad Martin may have evolved beyond human in his final appearance, but we don't know what he really became so he doesn't rank either. Gumbald is set to be the main antagonist of the series finale; given we haven't seen the full extent of his power yet, he too is excused from this list. Lastly, we can't include Werewolf Queen because the show's never actually shown Werewolf Queen, but it always does good to remember your lessons from Worm School: when asked who would win in any fight, the answer is always Werewolf Queen!


Adventure Time Party God

Party God might be at all the coolest parties, but he isn't really that cool a dude. He's a mediocre boyfriend to Island Lady, and he's easily defeated in battle by the Ice King. Being a disembodied head doesn't really give you a practical advantage against fighters who have such things as limbs.

That said, he's still a god, and that alone makes him worthy of a spot on this list. He can grant wishes to those who earn his favor, shoot energy beams from his mouth, change size and split into multiple smaller wolf heads. He also seems to have the ability to sense the locations of all the best parties.


Adventure Time Slime Princess

In the world of Adventure Time, there are four elements, each represented by an Elemental Being: Fire, Ice, Candy and Slime. Of the current Elementals, Slim Princess is the weakest of the bunch. She's a tiny little blob, one of the more regular victims of the Ice King's kidnappings, and was long unaware of her full potential.

Still, the power to shoot mass amounts of slime out of her hands comes in handy at times. In her full unleashed Elemental form, she can even absord and dissolve others, though she has no control and no memories of herself when she's stuck in this monstrous form.


The Ice King from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time

The Ice King's magic power would be seriously formidable if only he had the brain power to match it. The current Ice Elemental, his crown grants him immortality and control over the ice and snow, but at the tragic cost of his memory and sanity.

He was originally the show's main villain, but as his sympathetic backstory came to light, he pretty much just became a minor nuisance. At this point, princesses pretty much just let him capture them out of pity; it's not like he'll do anything worse than read embarrassing fan-fiction. Still, his powers are intense, and in an alternate timeline he even stopped a world-destroying bomb!


Adventure Time Flame Princess

Fire melts ice, and the Fire Elemental Flame Princess has totally laid waste to the Ice King and his Ice Kingdom, landing her a higher ranking on this list. Her evil father, the Flame King, was terrified of her power, far exceeding his, and had her banished from the Flame Kingdom as a young child.

She's the current ruler of the Flame Kingdom, having overthrown her father in the episode "Earth & Water." Given her dad's evil inclinations, she's often worried that she shares his dark side. Even in innocent scenarios, her power can be destructive: a single kiss from her former boyfriend Finn almost set off a reaction that could have destroyed the world!


Adventure Time Patience St Pim

Patience St. Pim is another Ice Elemental, born in an earlier era than The Ice King but surviving the Mushroom War by cryogenically freezing herself. She's stronger than Ice King (even he freely admits it) and, without the corrupting influence of the crown, more mentally together.

She's also the only Elemental in the show who knew of her Elemental status when she was first introduced in the show, and it's her influence which leads the other Elementals to develop their powers. Of course, her plan to awaken all the Elementals' power was too successful at unleashing strength and not successful enough at preserving everyone's minds, causing mass chaos throughout Ooo in the "Elements" miniseries.


Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum

If knowledge is power, Princess Bubblegum would be worthy of a spot on this list even if she weren't also the Candy Elemental. Building the whole Candy Kingdom from the ground up, PB is the greatest mad scientist in Ooo and essentially a god to her numerous candy subjects.

While she was slower to grasp her Elemental powers than the other Elemental princesses, she got the hang of it when translating these "magic" abilities into scientific concepts. In her full-on Elemental form, she was so dangerous in her ability to control people that she even made Patience St. Pim fear for her life!


Adventure Time LSP

Lumpy Space Princess (LSP for short) really doesn't show her power much, so this ranking might surprise some casual Adventure Time fans who mostly know her as a whiny hobo. Technically, however, she is the strongest of the Elementals. To be precise, she's an Anti-Elemental, possessing the Element of Lumps.

What does the Element of Lumps do? It neutralizes the powers of all other Elementals, keeping things in check if the Elementals go rogue. In fact, she used this power to save the day at the end of the "Elements" miniseries. She can also levitate, transform "smooth" creatures into lumpy ones with her bite, and according to one video game, she can also spit rainbows.


Adventure Time Orgalorg Gunter

When Hunson Abadeer claimed the adorable penguin Gunter was "by far, the most evil thing I've encountered" in the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere," he was not kidding! The Ice King's favorite penguin isn't even a penguin at all, but rather an intergalactic monster named Orgalorg!

Orgalorg was once a destroyer of worlds and ruler of solar systems. The monster was defeated by Grob Gob Glob Grod and banished to Earth, taking the form of a penguin after being compressed by the planet's gravity. It's only because of his weakened form (and his relatively swift defeat in "The Comet") that this monster doesn't rank higher (though he has immunity from some more powerful attacks).


Adventure Time Marceline

Half human, half demon and all vampire, Marceline the Vampire Queen is definitely one of the coolest characters in the Land of Ooo. She took powers from other vampires by sucking out their souls, but she doesn't need to suck souls or even blood;  just drinking the color red is enough sustenance for her.

Marceline's powers include levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, necromancy, monster transformations and really sick bass guitar playing. Just keep her out of the sunlight, and don't make her fight any ghosts. Vampires can't defeat ghosts; as she says in the episode "Heat Signature," "It's like a rock-paper-scissors thing."


Adventure Time Jake

Jake's shapeshifting powers are nearly limitless. There is a limit to how far he can stretch (he reaches it in an episode appropriately titled "The Limit"), but for most practical intents and purposes he can do practically anything. The only reason he doesn't instantly solve 95% of the problems facing the Land of Ooo is that he's just too lazy.

The source of Jake's powers was once believed to be either magic (by Jake himself) or a mutation (by the scientifically-minded PB). "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" revealed the true cause of his unique nature: he's half-alien. His dog dad was impregnated by the evil alien Warren Ampersand, who wanted to use Jake to enhance his own powers but was defeated by his offspring.


Adventure Time Goliad and Stormo

Goliad and Stormo are two immortal beings forever locked in a psychic battle neither can win, necessitating their tie on this list. Princess Bubblegum created Goliad first to try to build herself a suitable successor to the throne. Bubblegum's own hair was used to create Goliad, but the creation ended up reflecting some of the darker aspects of her creator. Goliad's mind control abilities are a scary yet understandable progression from PB's more dictatorial tendencies.

The only way to stop Goliad from wreaking havoc was to create an equally powerful creature that would stand for good rather than evil. Stormo was created from the same recipe as Goliad, but with one key difference: instead of PB's hair, Finn's hair was used.


Adventure Time Magic Man and Betty

The being formerly known as Magic Man was once one of the most powerful wizards in the world. The mischievous criminal brother of Grob Gob Glob Grod, his deeds include turning Finn into a giant foot, breathing life into miniature clones of the people of Ooo, creating a time bubble and making Finn and Jake reincarnate into various levels of the food chain.

In a freak accident, Ice King's time-displaced former girlfriend Betty received all of Magic Man's powers, and the madness which comes with them. Betty's continued to try to use her powers even more obsessively to find a cure for the Ice King's condition, while Magic Man transitioned into a powerless life as Normal Man and eventually King Man.


Adventure Time Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's involvement in the Adventure Time universe goes back to the original pilot episode made for Nickelodeon, in which "Pen" (what Finn was called in the pilot) met the beloved leader when he was "transported back in time... and to Mars!" In the series proper, Honest Abe still resides on Mars, but there's no time travel necessary to meet him... at least before the episode "Sons of Mars."

While Lincoln somehow gained immortality as the King of Mars, in "Sons of Mars," he willingly sacrificed his long life in order to save Jake's soul from the grasp of Death. His greatness is remembered on Mars with a memorial similar to the real Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.


Adventure Time Glob

When the denizens of Ooo take the Lord's name in vain, they're usually referencing this Lord... well, one of their multiple personalities. This deity has four heads, each with a different name and voice. Sharing one body, they reside primarily on Mars but have the ability to fly throughout all of space, dispensing justice when necessary.

Despite being so widely worshipped, Grob Gob Glob Grod is not an invincible being. Martin Meekins' spaceship destroyed their body in "Astral Plane" and now they're merely floating heads orbiting Earth. Even so, they were so praised for legit reasons, and their defeat sparked a genuine existential crisis for Finn.


Adventure Time Hunson Abadeer

Now, it must be made clear that these rankings are averaging various strengths. Hunson Abadeer, Lord of the Nightosphere, couldn't eat Orgalorg's soul, but that one area of weakness doesn't negate his overall superior strength. With some effort, Finn could defeat even Orgalorg's full-fledged form, whereas Hunson simply could not be overpowered.

A demon of chaotic evil, Hunson is "deathless," a level beyond immortal. He can suck souls, shapeshift and regenerate, while his combination of strength and flexibility makes him superior in combat. Some of his magical powers originate from the Nightosphere Amulet, which can be wielded by others but at the cost of turning them demonic.


Adventure Time Prismo

Prismo's a god you want to be bros with. The dream of an eternally slumbering old man, Prismo takes the form of a pink shadow inside the Time Room at the center of the Multiverse. He can grant almost any wish. Unfortunately wishes are sort of a cursed "monkey's paw" sort of thing, but he's a genuinely swell dude who'll help you find ways to negate the worst effects of such curses.

Of course, being tied to a physical body is a weakness, and in "Wake Up," The Lich offed Prismo by disintegrating the dreaming man. Through a convoluted series of events in the episode "Is That You?" Finn and Jake were able to bring Prismo back to life with all his power intact.


Adventure Time Cosmic Owl

The Cosmic Owl's powers are more abstract, as he exists mainly within the subconscious realm. While he's never been seen in combat and can't be judged on those grounds, he earns this high ranking due to a combination of divine status, universal reach and seeming indestructibility.

A vision of the Cosmic Owl always signifies something important; he appears in people's dreams. Sometimes he foretells prophecy, other times he gives blunt personal criticism and life advice. He has the power to make important dreams come true. He's also the best at board games, and always a welcome guest at Prismo's parties.


Adventure Time Death

It's hard to decide whether Death or his girlfriend Life is truly more powerful. Thankfully there's an easy excuse not to have to make that choice: Life has only been seen in supplemental shorts, while Death is a character in the series proper, so only Death qualifies.

The master of the unliving has ultimate power over nearly every being in the universe (Orgalorg, Hunson and The Lich are exceptions). Even immortals aren't free from having their gifts taken away by this skull-faced being. At times he can be charitable and restore life, if you make an appropriate sacrifice, beat him in a music battle (very hard to do) or mention his friend Peppermint Butler.


Adventure Time Lich

Death is not an enemy of living things, he merely brings them on their natural journey. The Lich is the enemy of all life, and even Death fears this monster. Born from a Catalyst Comet of ultimate evil, he normally appears in the form of a horned skeleton, but can possess anybody necessary to do his dirty work (he spent much of Seasons 3 and 4 living in a snail).

You know this character is serious business when the original pitch document had to flat-out state "The Lich is not funny." Significantly funnier is Sweet Pig-Trunks, the oversized baby The Lich is currently trapped inside. Sweet P. seems to have overcome the evil dwelling inside him, but there's always fear it could break lose.


Adventure Time GOLB

Not much is known about GOLB. He's rarely seen and scarcely referenced, and when he is mentioned, it's with great fear. GOLB exists beyond dimensions; Finn bounces off his tongue when traveling dimensions in "Puhoy." We know that GOLB attacked Mars at one point and stole Magic Man's girlfriend Margles, driving Magic Man to madness.

Grob Gob Glob Grod wants to prepare to face GOLB. The Lich calls himself "the last scholar of GOLB." Whatever this creature's deal is (perhaps the finale will answer the fans' questions?), GOLB is clearly a big deal. He's been called "The Original Being," so some theorize he's the creator God of all dimensions. Everyone agrees he has the power to destroy them.

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