'Adventure Time' brick figures go up for vote at LEGO Ideas

If you've been wishing that Jake, Finn and the rest of the Adventure Time crew would make the leap to LEGO, this may be your chance.

Brick enthusiast aBetterMonkey has submitted a set of 15 brick-built Adventure Time figures to LEGO ideas, where projects that receive 10,000 votes qualify for review and a chance to be transformed into an official LEGO product.

Just last month, the company greenlit “Doctor Who and Companions” and “WALL-E" for production, while declining to go forward with such projects as “X-Men: X-Mansion,” the Batman-based “Assault on Wayne Manor” and Ghostbusters headquarters.

The set submitted by aBetterMonkey uses just 640 bricks to create everyone from Finn (with his sword) and Jake to Princess Bubblgum and Marceline (with her ax-bass) to BMO (with joysticks) and the Ice King (with ice lighting). You can see the full list at LEGO Ideas. "Sturdy builds with basic poseability were the goal to make this a toy set rather than a display model," aBetterMonkey explains.

So far, the set has garnered 584 votes, but there are still 335 days left. As CNET notes, an impressive 1,300-piece Adventure Time model of Jake and Finn's tree fort was submitted in 2013, but it didn't receive enough votes.

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