Adventure Comics #521

First, the good news. "Adventure Comics" has finished its flashback to the early days of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and shifted to be in line with the team's current series. (This issue might as well have been named and numbered "Legion of Super-Heroes" #7.5, it fits so neatly between last month's issue and the one scheduled for in a few weeks.) It's a big jump forward in quality and has already become much more interesting.

The bad news? Not that much happens.

The big moment is that after running around in "Legion of Super-Heroes," the being known as Dyogene finally chooses a new Green Lantern for the 31st century who agrees to take the position, from within the ranks of the Legion itself. The problem is that once you remove the assembling of characters and the decision being made, there's remarkably little else happening. Some characters help stabilize an area around an earthquake, and Dawnstar and Wildfire try to figure out just what burst out of the area, but it's a minimal portion of the issue, almost ignored in favor of the Green Lantern selection. And while the selection is an interesting one (despite the blah new costume), after it's over and you realize the main feature has concluded for the month, you're left feeling a little wanting.

Geraldo Borges takes over the pencils for the book this month, and it's a big step forward for "Adventure Comics." Borges reminds me a bit of Francis Portela over on "Legion of Super-Heroes" with his rounded and slightly spherical character designs. Overall it's a nice look (although Shadow Lass seems remarkably top-heavy under his pencils, almost distractingly so) but it's a welcome shift. I know that most eyes are on Phil Jimenez stepping on board in February 2011 for a story arc, but once Jimenez is done I'd be pleased to see Borges draw some more "Adventure Comics" down the line.

With the second features all winding down this month, Jeff Lemire and Mahmud Asrar's "The Atom" feature doesn't get a proper conclusion here; presumably that will be in "The Atom Special" #2 promised for March. It's still very "Perils of Pauline" with the constant cliffhangers and resolutions and new cliffhangers, but perhaps it'll feel a little smoother when read back to back.

"Adventure Comics" is already on the road to improvement, but I do wish we'd had a little less "Green Lantern Idol" and a little more plot development. Still, I'm excited about "Adventure Comics" again, something I haven't felt in months, so hurrah to Levitz and Borges for making the book fun once more.

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