Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Taskmaster #2 from the red-hot creative team of Fred Van Lente and Jefte Palo! Everyone's favorite anti-hero continues his quest for his secret origin and this time, he's booked a flight to Mexico! In order to find out the secrets of his past, Taskmaster must travel to the darkest corners of the war-torn country where even the bounty hunters wouldn't dare go. But when he finally reaches his destination he'll be met with a formidable foe, the Don Of The Dead!

Fans and critics agree - Taskmaster is a hit!

"This is the type of fun, crazy, off-the-wall escapism that I love. This is the type of inventive, action-packed, character-driven wackiness that can make the world of superheroes so captivating and thrilling." - Richard George, IGN.com

"I'm excited for where this miniseries is going. Four out of five stars. Check it out." - George C., MajorSpoilers.com

"...Van Lente and Palo are doing a good job giving us a rip-roaring tale of one man's search (literally) for himself." - Doug Zawisza, ComicBookResources.com

Can our hero make it out of Mexico alive? Find out this October as Taskmaster #2 hits comic shops everywhere!

TASKMASTER #2 (of 4) (AUG100620)


Penciled by JEFTE PALO


Rated T+ ...$3.99

FOC - 9/16/10, On Sale - 10/06/10

Tags: marvel comics, preview, fred van lente, jefte palo, taskmaster, francesco mattina

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