Adult Swim Greenlights Jason Lee's Life Story

Jason Lee is finally going to get the chance to share his true self with the world, thanks to Jack Black, Adult Swim and the just-greenlit Shredd: The Jon Johnsonsen Story. This is a great day for all humanity.

Shredd, the pilot for which has just been greenlit by Adult Swim, will be a live-action series co-written by and starring Lee as Johnsonsen, a skateboarding champion who's spent the last 25 years in a coma following a risky move, and who wakes up to deal with the culture shock of (a) it no longer being 1985, and (b) being 42 years old, instead of 17. The project is being produced by Electric Dynamite, Jack Black's production company, and may, perhaps, make up for the less than great last few years of My Name Is Earl.

I said perhaps.

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