Adult Swim Announces Birdgirl, Harvey Birdman Spinoff

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Spinning out of the cult-classic Harvey Birdman, Paget Brewster's Birdgirl is set to take flight again on her own Adult Swim series.

As Deadline notes, the series will see Birdgirl, Judy Ken Sebben, become the CEO of Sebben & Sebben, which Adult Swim describes as the "the world's largest and most nonsensical corporation." The series will also see Bewster's hero assemble a "Birdteam" that causes as many problems as it solves.

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Created and produced by ME Productions, the show is a direct follow-up to Harvey Birdman, an absurdist comedy that transformed the classic Hanna-Barbera hero Birdman into a bumbling lawyer.

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While Birdgirl wasn't really a regular character on the series, she appeared in a handful of episodes as Birdman's over-eager sidekick who was both hopelessly clumsy and hopelessly obsessed with Birdman.

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After officially starting in 2001, Harvey Birdman was an early flagship for Adult Swim that helped define the network's distinct brand of humor in its early days. The show, which starred Gary Cole as the titular attorney at law, ran for four seasons and was recently revived as the one-off special Harvey Birdman, Attorney General last year.

While the show will be produced by Susan Shipsky and directed by Rich Ferguson-Hull, no other casting details or potential release dates have been announced.

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