Adrian Tomine talks style, pace and criticism

CR Blog's Simon Creasey has a nice little Q&A with Adrian Tomine, who discusses working as a full-time artist, the evolution of his drawing style, and permitting criticism on the Optic Nerve letters page:

SC: One of the biggest criticisms of your work on the letters page is from ardent fans bemoaning how long it takes you to produce the next installment of a story. Are you a slow worker or just lazy?

AT: Yeah, I’m just a lazy bum who almost never does any work. Just kidding! I think the people who complain about my pace were raised on the type of comics that are made on a production line, so they’re trained to expect that monthly fix. I honestly work as hard and as fast as I can without sacrificing quality, but there’s always some kind of interruption, such as interviews like this!

More at the link, including the "best advice" Tomine has received about film adaptations.

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