Adi Shankar's 'Gods and Secrets' Adds Denise Richards, Jane Seymour

Denise Richards ("Starship Troopers") and Jane Seymour ("Live and Let Die") have signed on for "Gods and Secrets," Adi Shankar's directorial debut.

Richards plays Laura Lang, a CIA agent and the wife of a superhero, while Seymour's Addison Walker helms a villainous organization. As announced yesterday, Shankar will direct the drama alongside Stewart Yost, who will co-direct the project. Created by Shankar, Jenni Powell (“The Lizzie Bennett Diaries”) and Shawn deLoache (“New Adventures of Peter and Wendy”), the film's official description reveals,

"Adi Shankar's Gods and Secrets" explores the darker ramifications of a world with super heroes, both on the people they protect, and the heroes themselves. Tragedy has struck the Guardians of Justice, and in its aftermath secrets are revealed, lives are changed, and the war to end all wars begins. Death, secrets, and lies threaten to tear the Guardians of Justice apart, and the world with them.

The film also stars Jackson Rathbone as Blue Scream, a superhero hero reality star with a sonic scream; Kellan Lutz as King Tsunami, who rules the sea; Sharni Vinson as the Speed, a speedster like her moniker; WWE’s Diamond Dallas Page as Knight Hawk, a Batman-like vigilante who uses his fighting and detective skills to combat the worst of humanity; and Andy Milonakis as popular talk show host Phil Hart.

"With 'Adi Shankar's Gods and Secrets,' we are hoping to show that the most interesting thing about a character that is superhuman isn’t the super, but the human," explained deLoache in a statement.

Rathbone and Discourse Media will produce.

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