AdHouse to publish Scott Morse's 'Southpaw'

Official Press Release

[Southpaw]AdHouse Books is pleased to announce their plans to publish the Scott Morse Graphic Novel SOUTHPAW.

SOUTHPAW is a robot fighting tiger whose introduction actually takes place in the pages of the spacial-robotic anthology PROJECT: TELSTAR (in stores 6/25/03!). From the few panels that we see in Telstar, we learn that Southpaw is one bad cat. He doesn't follow instructions very well, and he can take a robot fighter down in the first round!

>From the publisher, Chris Pitzer:

"When Morse asked me if I was interested in publishing the FULL story of Southpaw, of course I said YES! I've been a big fan of Scott's work for as long as I can remember. I actually remember meeting him at the 97' SPX. It's great to be associated with such a talented, prolific artist."

>From the creator, Scott Morse:

"I love throwing special projects out there to surprise people. With SOUTHPAW, I drew on my love of Hemingway's short stories and film noir to give this little tiger a run for his money. SOUTHPAW isn't just about knocking the screws of a few robots loose, it's about perseverance and doing the right thing, even if you have to do a few wrong things in the process."

AdHouse plans for SOUTHPAW to be the first of three books that will tell the "tale" of an animal's exploits. All three books will be designed and formatted to compliment each other. These books might be considered a distant cousin to the big-little books. Each page will have only one panel, so that the reader can focus on the detail of each picture.

SOUTHPAW by Scott Morse

A 6" x 6" 128 page softcover graphic novel

The interiors will be printed with a non-black one color spot ink.

The cover will be printed in four color with end flaps to extend the art.

Price: $9.95

Ships: Fall of 2003

ISBN: 0-9721794-4-5

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