AdHouse Announces San Diego Comic-Con Plans

Official Press Release

AdHouse Books will be attending the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention and has the following items planned...

New Books!

Stop by to take a gander at the following new publications*:

THB: Comics from Mars #1 (A SDCC Exclusive!) by Paul Pope

PULPHOPE by Paul Pope.

PULPHOPE Lmtd. Hardcover by Paul Pope.

Process Recess 2: Portfolio by James Jean.

Process Recess 2: Portfolio Lmtd. Hardcover by James Jean.

The Ride Home by Joey Weiser

Eisner-nominated Skyscrapers of the Midwest #3

Eisner-nominated Project: Romantic

Eisner-nominated The Preposterous Adventures of IronHide Tom

And everything else that you've come to love about AdHouse!

(*Well, we HOPE that these books will make it. We've been told they would, so swing by and see!)

New Prints!

A selection of limited (100) edition digital prints debuting at the show:

Myopic by James Jean

KingK by Paul Pope

Art of Mercy by Joshua Cotter

Creator Signings!

Here is the schedule of the visiting AdHouse creators**:

Wednesday July 25th - Show hours: 5.5-9

Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers) 6-9

Thursday July 26th - Show hours: 10-7

Jamie Tanner (The Aviary) 10-12, 2-4

Joey Weiser (The Ride Home) 10-12

Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers) 2-4

Friday July 27th - Show hours: 10-7

Jamie Tanner (The Aviary) 10-12

Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers) 12-2

Joey Weiser (The Ride Home) 12-2

Paul Pope (Pulphope) 2-4

James Jean (Process: Recess) 2-4

Saturday July 28th - Show hours: 10-7

Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers) 10-12

Joey Weiser (The Ride Home) 10-12

Paul Pope (Pulphope) 1-2

James Jean (Process: Recess) 1-2

Jamie Tanner (The Aviary) 2-4

Sunday July 29th - Show hours: 10-5

Joey Weiser (The Ride Home) 11-12

Joshua Cotter (Skyscrapers) 11-12

(**Like anything, these are subject to change, but we hope they show up when they said they would.)

Okeydoke. Hope to see you there!

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