AdHouse Announces "Monkey & Spoon" for May

Official Press Release

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, AdHouse Books welcomes the Year of the Monkey!

This May AdHouse Books will continue the "animalia novella" series by publishing Monkey & Spoon by Simone Lia.


Monkey & Spoon explores the relationship of a married anthropomorphic couple in an all-too realistic snapshot of their everyday lives. Can a monkey love a spoon? (and visa versa?)

When asked where her inspiration for Monkey & Spoon came from, Simone replied, "I was thinking about my parents when I wrote Monkey and Spoon. The arguments that they used to have with painful silences and unspoken hurt feelings. I used to have a stuffed monkey and I was thinking of those wooden spoons they used to make in the 70's - I thought it would be funny to give the toys the same human tensions."

In regards to comics across the pond... "The U.K comic scene is quite exciting at the moment. Comics are getting supported here with the media and the I.C.A. (the Institute of Contemporary art) has been doing a lot to shine the light on comics and comics artists in the United Kingdom. Comics seem to be the new buzz word rather than being something exclusive for geeks and freaks. I am very excited about my U.S. solo debut, this is very cool and I can't believe this is happening."

Simone Lia has written and illustrated several books for children and she co-founded the U.K based Cabanon Press with Tom Gauld in 2001. She lives and works in London.


Here's what other people have said about Monkey & Spoon:

Paul Gravett says, "Toy Story meets Love Story. Experiencing the tensions and tenderness between this toy couple can help us appreciate our own fragility and our need to forgive and be forgiven."

Joel Priddy says, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww....."

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Monkey & Spoon

by Simone Lia

4-color cover with end flaps

112 pages w/ one spot color

6" x 6" perfect bound

$9.95 US funds

ISBN 0-9721794-5-3

Shipping in May

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