Add Black Canary, Captain Atom to DC's 'co-feature' roster

Yesterday's New York Times article about rising cover prices contained at least one bit of news: the final two DC Comics characters that will star in their own "co-features."

It looks as if Black Canary and Captain Atom will join Blue Beetle, Manhunter, the Metal Men, The Question (Renee Montoya) and Ravager in the lineup of back-up stories in the publisher's $3.99 titles.

Neither the creative teams nor the titles in which the stories will appear have been announced. Presumably, the Black Canary co-feature will be added to Green Arrow/Black Canary. (Of course, there's also the possibility the title could simply revert to Green Arrow.)

The following 10-page co-features will debut in June: Blue Beetle in Booster Gold; Manhunter in the new Batman: Streets of Gotham; The Question in Detective Comics; and Ravager in Teen Titans.

The Metal Men story will appear in the relaunched Doom Patrol series.

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