Adam Warren's Venom: The End Variant Spans the Hero's Horrifying History

Writer-artist Adam Warren and colorist Guru eFX are putting their personal stamp on the Lethal Protector for a variant cover to Venom: The End #1.

Marvel Comics provided CBR with an exclusive look at Warren and Guru eFX's cover, which features the Venom symbiote in the center while it unleashes a powerful energy blast from each hand. Surrounding the alien symbiote are presumably images from its future, which includes Iron Man, alien planets, zombie and child hosts and what may be possessed Celestials.

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The End one-shots deliver the final stories of your favorite Marvel Heroes, as fan-favorite characters such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, Miles Morales, Venom, Captain Marvel and Deadpool take readers into the far-flung future of the Marvel Universe. Some tales will conclude with a happy ending, while others will take readers to the depths of despair.

You can take a look at Warren and Guru eFX's Venom: The End #1 variant cover below, along with the issue's solicitation.


  • Variant cover by ADAM WARREN
  • The alien symbiote who bonded with Eddie Brock has been through a lot… but not nearly as much as he has coming. In a tale that literally spans over a trillion years, Venom travels the length of space and time as the last defender of life in the universe!
  • 40 PGS./ONE SHOT/Rated T+

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