Iron Man 3 Actor Is Sure His Character Survived Infinity War's Snap

Thanos Josh Brolin

Thanos wiped out half the universe with a snap of his Infinity Gauntlet-clad fingers in Avengers: Infinity War, but actor Adam Pally from Iron Man 3 thinks his character survived.

Pally played Gary, the cameraman and Stark-obsessed fanboy who helps Tony in Tennessee. Gary could've survived the snap, at least in theory.

"I do think that Gary's survived the snap," said Pally in an interview with CinemaBlend. "And that's what I've been pitching to Marvel -- is that there's no one left."

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Pally believes Gary is all right and endeavoring to be a superhero. "Why not have Gary don that Iron Man costume," said Pally. "Robert [Downey Jr.] has not called me back. Neither has Joe and Anthony Russo, but I'm not discouraged."

While Gary wasn't in Infinity War and could have survived, his whereabouts are unknown. And there is no indication from Marvel or the Russo brothers if he will be back.

The actor has a past with the Russos: They produced his 2011 sitcom Happy Endings. So, they could always have him in mind for a cameo, but at the moment all there is to go on is Pally's word and hope his tenacity will pay off.

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For right now, Pally has a new movie out in theaters, Dog Days, also starring Vanessa Hudgens and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

Avengers: Infinity War is available on-demand and will be on Blu-ray Aug. 14. The untitled follow-up is set for a May 2019 release.

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