Adam Hughes Celebrates Superman's Birthday by Revisiting a Classic Drawing

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Artist Adam Hughes is the latest comic creator to help celebrate the Man of Steel's 80th birthday.

With April 18 marking the 80th anniversary of Superman's debut in Action Comics #1, Hughes tweeted a drawing of the Man of Tomorrow bursting out of a glass phone booth faster than a speeding bullet to save the day.

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Eagle-eyed fan, and Melbourne-based illustrator, Harry Burrows pointed out on Twitter that the piece actually revisits a 1988 drawing by Hughes to celebrate Superman's 50th anniversary, shortly after the artist began his comics career.

Here's to 80 more years of the Man of Tomorrow pic.twitter.com/kV5Mzsx11w

— Adam Hughes (@AH_AdamHughes) April 19, 2018

When asked by fans whether the new drawing will be available to purchase, Hughes tweeted that the piece was for a cover to be made available at an as-yet-unknown date.

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Hughes has worked in comics since 1987, and is noted for a Dave Stevens-influenced style. Initially hired by DC Comics to provide covers for Mister Miracle, Hughes went on to become the regular artist for Justice League of America.

After a stint as writer and artist of the Wildstorm title Gen13, Hughes became the regular cover artist for Wonder Woman for four years, which catapulted him to widespread acclaim and popularity, making him one of the most sought-after artists in the industry.

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