Adam Fortier launches Speakeasy Comics, Call For Submissions

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada -- October 09, 2004 -- It was announced today that a new publisher is entering the Comics Market as Speakeasy Comics officially debuts!

Headed by industry mainstay Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics promises to provide both a new home for existing creators and projects as well as a starting point for up and coming comics creators.

"I've been developing my own comic books and wanted to place them all under one umbrella," explained Adam Fortier -- President of Speakeasy Comics. "In getting closer to being ready to publish, I realized that not only do I need an umbrella, but a lot of existing creators and projects could benefit from a fresh face."

Fortier brings a lifetime of experience to Speakeasy, and will be adding more staff before the end of the year to assist in the operations and development of Speakeasy, pulling from his extensive network of contacts within the comics field.

Aside from his own projects, Speakeasy will be home to new, and existing creators and comics, with the initial group of titles scheduled for release in March, through the Direct Market distribution system. More details on this first wave will be available in the weeks to come.

The company will also be open to submissions from both established and new creators. "We do have space available on our 2005 production schedule for interested parties to submit their materials for review," Fortier continued. "The broad strokes of the Speakeasy deal are available at the site (www.speakeasycomics.com), and once read through, we can talk specifics with interested parties."

The company also plans to offer management and marketing services, and representation concerning media and entertainment rights.

Look for more information on the development of Speakeasy Comics in the weeks to come!


Formed in 2004 by Adam Fortier, Speakeasy Comics offers a new option for creators to publish their projects and is the new premier publishing house for all graphic literature.


Adam Fortier started his comics career working in retail at the young age of 15. After attending University, he spent time as a programmer for Xerox, starting a multimedia company with some friends, and moving from Multimedia to computer animation. From there, he met Dreamwave Productions, where he helped the company launch Transformers as a new comics project. Early in 2003 he stopped working with Dreamwave, and started working with such diverse publishers as Devil's Due, UDON, and IDW Publishing.

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