Ad-Rock Wants to Fight For His Right to Live on "The Walking Dead"

Having returned to Hollywood for a turn in the Ben Stiller/Naomi Watts comedy "When We're Young," Ad-Rock -- or Adam Horowitz to his family -- has expressed an interest in continuing his acting career. Specifically, he'd like to set up camp in Alexandria as a member of "The Walking Dead" cast.

"I f-ing love that show. Every moment of that show," the Beastie Boy told Entertainment Weekly while promoting his new film.

Of course, Ad-Rock's aspirations are for more than a heavily made-up walk-on cameo on the AMC drama. "I don't want to be a zombie. I want to be like [Daryl's] friend from the city," he told EW. "Like a distant relative -- 'He's my uncle's friend from New York.' They're not going to have that, are they? I'd show up with like a PBS tote bag and something from Zabar's -- be like, 'Hey, I got lox! Who wants bagels?'"

Check out Ad-Rock's full interview below.

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