10 Actors Who We Would Love To See As The MCU’s Dr. Doom

Since Disney's acquisition of Fox Studios, Marvel has regained the film rights to many of their most beloved characters. The Fantastic Four, X-Men and all of the related characters to both franchises will be showing up in Marvel Studios' movies within the next few years. Among those many characters are some of the most iconic heroes and villains of all time.

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Speaking of iconic villains, there is perhaps no villain no more iconic than the Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis Dr. Doom. Because of this character's rich comic book history, there is a likelihood he could not only be the MCU Fantastic Four's big bad, but also the main antagonist of the entire MCU going forward. As we get closer to the possibility of Dr. Doom's casting, rumors have begun to fly as to what actor will portray the supervillain. Here are the top ten actors we would love to see as the MCU's Dr. Doom, ranked.

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10 Christoph Waltz


Although most likely a bit too old to be the MCU's new Dr. Doom, Christoph Waltz fits the role perfectly. No other actor has quite the same charisma and charm as this Austrian-born actor. Dr. Doom is the leader of his own country of Latveria. Waltz could play the role of a country's ruthless yet protective dictator quite well.

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Over the course of his career, Waltz has played many villainous characters. Although not all of these movies were big hits, Waltz always managed to impress and captivate audiences with his dynamic performances. He would make a great Dr. Doom.

9 Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Another master of charisma, Jon Hamm stole the hearts of many females viewers during his stint on the hit show Mad Men. On certain occasions, he has proven his ranged and played more villainous roles. One of these examples was when he played the main antagonist in Baby Driver.

Hamm's attractiveness has proven to be a gift and a curse. While he has proven to be one of this generations biggest heartthrobs, Hamm sometimes doesn't get the recognition he deserves as a versatile actor. Playing a supervillain with facial deformities could change this. Especially if he gives the incredible performance we all know him to be capable of.

8 Ben Mendelsohn


Although Mendelsohn might be a bit too old for the MCU's new big bad, he certainly would be a fantastic choice nonetheless. Over the last few years, Mendelsohn has played quite a few sympathetic villains that audiences continue to be compelled by.

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Although he was already cast as the Skrull leader Talos in Captain Marvel, it would be easy enough for him to play Doom as well. After all, Mendelsohn is hidden behind many layers of makeup as Talos, and there would be no audience confusion if he chose to play a different character.

7 Hugh Laurie

Although he is better known for more comedic performances, Hugh Laurie has shown everyone he is capable of going to very dark places. He proved this to audiences everywhere during his long run on the hit TV show House.

Laurie's intense character work and imposing presence make him a great match for Marvel's most powerful despot. There are few other actors who can fully embody Dr. Doom in quite the way that Laurie would be able to.

6 Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens as David Haller

Dan Stevens has been quite a busy actor over the last few years. Between Legion, Beauty and the Beast, and various other projects, Steven's has proven to be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

Another great advantage Stevens has is his range. Typically when actors appear in several projects all at once it is due to type-casting. With Stevens, that is not the case. Each performance he gives is unique and powerful. There is no doubt in our minds that he could be a very compelling Dr. Doom.

5 Oscar Isaac


Another one of Hollywood's most sought after actors, Oscar Isaac would make for a great Victor Von Doom. During X-Men: Apocalypse, we got a glimpse of what Isaac can do as a big bad. Although held back by poor writing and bad makeup in that movie, it is likely that Isaac would hit it out of the park if given a chance to play a Marvel baddie one more time.

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From the Star Wars films to the critically acclaimed Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac has played many different roles. Some of them as a protagonist, others as the antagonist. In all cases, his performances have been memorable and he would no doubt continue this trend as Dr. Doom.

4 Michael Fassbender

Having just come off of playing the X-Men villain Magneto, Michael Fassbender might be hesitant to play another Marvel bad guy. If he does choose to do so, however, he would be a near-perfect Dr. Doom. All the complexity he put into his performances as Magento proves he could also do the same with the FF's main villain.

Although they are both villains, Magneto and Dr. Doom are very different. Fassbender could continue to shock audiences with his great acting while also showing us something new. There are few actors who would do a better job.

3 Rami Malek


Coming off of his Oscar-winning performance in Bohemian Rapsody, Rami Malek is about as hot as an actor can be right now. This gives him the perfect opportunity to join one of the world's biggest franchises in Marvel and possibly play one of the comic company's greatest villains.

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Malek has shown great range and commitment as an actor. These qualities, along with his youth, could keep him in the MCU for the next decade, building off of the many great performances that have helped establish the MCU.

2 Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy has quite some range as well. In Peaky Blinders, he plays a handsome yet tough protagonist. In many other films, such as Batman Begins, Murphy has also been known to play a creepy villain.

By combining the elements from these different performances, Cillian Murphy has what it takes to be one of the best villains the MCU has ever seen. Many fans online already think he is the perfect choice to play Doom. Hopefully, their voices will be heard.

1 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

During the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau showed audiences he could take the most despicable of villains and turn him into the noblest of heroes. Dr. Doom is a complex character. Although he is ruthless, Doom also follows a code of honor that he refuses to break.

Such complexity can only be pulled off by a few actors in Hollywood. Coster-Waldau is one of those actors. Coming off of one of the best shows in television history now is the perfect time for him to make his transition to the MCU. There is no actor better suited to take on this role of Dr. Doom.

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