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LOS ANGELES, Calif., - February 13, 2002 - ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping older comic creators in need, is pleased to announce a partnership with All-Star Auctions in conjunction with ACTOR's next fundraising auction.

All-Star will host online bidding for Famed Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano's Elektra painting, donated to the ACTOR cause. Bidders can register and bid on the piece via All-Star's Website at: www.allstarauc.com

All-Star bidding for this coveted lot will end at Midnight EST on Friday, Feb. 22, 2002. The high bid will be brought to ACTOR's live auction event at the Orlando MegaCon on Friday, Feb. 23, and entered as the opening bid. Live floor bidding will then ensue, with the high bid taking the lot. There are no buyer's premiums at the ACTOR auction, and in light of this special event, All-Star has even waived its hammer premium in the event that the high bidder comes from their Website bidding.

"ACTOR is a great cause that represents All-Star's sensibilities, and helps many of the comic creator heroes that out customers love," said Nadia Mannarino of All-Star Auctions. "It was an easy decision, and one we were happy to make, to help this great organization."

[Amano Elektra Painting]The Amano painting up for auction is the very first Elektra painting Amano ever did. It was created as a promotional piece for Marvel Comics' Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer series. More importantly, Amano, who has a dedicated following both in America and in Japan, is letting go of one of his paintings for the first time in 20 years.

"I have always admired American comics," said Amano. "I have always had special feelings towards this culture, and all my animation work has been heavily influenced by American comics. So it means a lot to be able to contribute to the community I grew up with."

Proxy bidding for the floor auction is also available for Japanese bidders who are interested in the Amano painting, but unable to attend. Contact Auction Coordinator Tony Panaccio via fax at 813-891-0542 or via e-mail at tony.panaccio@crossgen.com for full information.

The ACTOR MegaCon auction consists of 183 lots, including a treasure trove of original art and signed manuscripts from comic artists and writers. Kevin Smith, writer and director of such hit films as "Clerks" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," will serve as guest auctioneer. Comic art lots from World Fantasy Award winner Charles Vess, "Liberty Meadows" creator Frank Cho, award-winning painter Alex Ross, WildStorm Productions Editorial Director Jim Lee, and popular CrossGen artists Butch Guice and Greg Land are all part of the auction.

About ACTOR.

ACTOR (A Commitment to Our Roots) is dedicated to providing relief and support to many of the talented creators who helped found the comic book industry. Many Golden Age or Silver Age creators toiled in comics' earlier days for low pay and with a nonexistent pension plan. Today, many of these people who laid the groundwork that today's comic industry works on may be in financial need. Be it due to age, health, or just low salaries with no retirement plan, they may need a hand. ACTOR provides a safety net for former comic creators in need. ACTOR is dedicated to helping creators with emergency medical aid, financial support, and entrance back into paying work.

ACTOR's 501 (c) (3) paperwork, making it an official non-profit organization, was approved by the federal government in February, 2001.

For more information or to send donations to ACTOR please contact:

ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots)

11301 Olympic Blvd, #587

Los Angeles, CA 90064 Tel: 310 268 1530

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MegaCon is the Southeast's premier comics, gaming, anime and multi-media event, featuring over 100,000 square feet of exhibit space. Among the hundreds of comic book creators on hand to meet fans and sign autographs include: Sergio Aragonés, Brian Michael Bendis, Carmine Infantino, Mike Avon Oeming, George Pérez, David Mack, Greg Rucka, Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson, Greg Land, Joseph Michael Linsner, Nick Cardy, George Tuska, Martin Nodell and Harry Lampert. For more information or to order MegaCon tickets, go to www.megaconvention.com

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