Activision Wants <I>You</I> To Join The "Ultimate Alliance"

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We've all dreamed of superheroes. Flying through the sky or perhaps using X-Ray vision in questionable fashions. Even telepathy would be nice in a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Now Activision is offering fans the chance to find their inner super strength or telepathy by trying out to be a voice actor in their new game, "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance." You've read CBR's First Look at the game and now's your chance to be part of comic book history!

By heading over to http://www.marvelultimatealliance.com, fans can enter to portray the voice of either Jean Grey or The Incredible Hulk. All the details are on the site, but there will be two grand prize winners (one male and one female) picked, and you need only submit lines for the character, a photo, the entry form and a signed legal document. But wait,there's more! The grand prize winners also win:

  • An X-Box 360
  • A copy of "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" on the platform of their choosing
  • A poster signed by Stan "The Man" Lee
  • "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" playing cards
  • A paid trip to L.A to record their character's lines

There will also be ten runner-ups, who qualify for other Activision prizes. But fans only have till July 23rd, so it's time to hurry up and become a superhero at http://www.marvelultimatealliance.com. CBR News will continue to update you with the latest news, images, and more on "Ultimate Alliance" as the release date draws near. Considering the excitement and buzz surrounding this game, expect Activision to continue pulling out the stops and finding innovative ways for fans to be part of the Marvel Comics experience.

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