Activision brings to life your favorite mutants in 'X-Men: Legends'

As a kid growing up reading comics we all imagined ourselves playing the part of our favorite heroes. What would it be like to be Wolverine with those deadly adamantium claws? Or Cyclops with those optic blasts shooting out from his eyes? And while twenty years ago it may have required a lot of imagination to make those events come to life, today it's a lot easier with home video game consoles.

Coming this Fall for the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube platforms is "X-Men: Legends," the latest action RPG in a line of X-Men themed video games from Activision. With the release of the game still many months off details are understandably slim, but Activision has told CBR News that will all change soon as next month they'll be launching a community-focused site with regular updates. To help hold you over until then, Activision has provided CBR News with screen grabs from the game, as well as an exclusive look at development artwork, sketches and character sheets. Click the images below the enlarge.

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