Activision Announces "Spider-Man: Edge of TIme," "X-Men: Destiny" Retailer Exclusives

Looking first to the Spidey side of the equation, last week saw the announcement that the costume of one Miles Morales, aka Ultimate Spider-Man will make the leap to video games with the addition of his new, distinctive outfit to gamers' choices of apparel in "Edge of Time.

Beyond that, gamers will find themselves with three other costume choices to make choices: the Best Buy "Big Time" suit, based on the glowing outfit Peter Parker wore in this year's Dan Slott-written story arc of "Amazing Spider-Man," the Amazon.com exclusive "Future Foundation" outfit, which is based on the outfit the character wears as a part of the FF. Finally, those who pre-order the game through GameStop will get their pick of looking like Peter's Identity Crisis suits, designs later adopted by the Slingers: Ricochet, Hornet, Dusk or current Avengers Initiative member Prodigy. For those who have difficulty in deciding which is the "must have" outfit upgrade, remember - these are "early unlocks" and will eventually be available to everyone. Additionaly, the Identity Crisis suits offer the following bonuses:

  • Ricochet: +20% health
  • Hornet: +15% damage
  • Prodigy: +15% health regeneration
  • Dusk: +15% shield regeneration

While details regarding potential power-ups accompanying the other Spidey's suits are somewhat fuzzy, with retailer sites not being very specific with their details, there's no confusion about the power-ups that will come with the "X-Men: Destiny" retailer-specific bonuses. Each of the three announced Exclusive X-Genes provide a base power set for your character. Amazon.com offers Emma Frost's psi-powers to build from, GameStop provides Havok's explosive power-set and Best Buy offers the chance to build off of raw strength with their Juggernaut-based X-gene offering.

Check out the videos below to see all of the Spidey and X-Men offerings in action, and keep it locked to CBR for more news as it happens!

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