Active Images's "The Nightmarist" Gets Own Website

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- Duncan Rouleau's The Nightmarist hits stores this week and the mysterious antagonist has created a website to beguile and mesmerize. Visitors to the website are advised to use caution. Featured at http://www.activeimages.com/nightmarist is a movie trailer, preview pages, a Rouleau bio and links to the various press coverage received so far---coverage that will surely grow---once the Nightmarist messes with a few more reporters' minds… After it hits stores, The Nightmarist gets its first widespread fan exposure at WizardWorld LA on Mar 17.

Brought to you by Active Images, The Nightmarist ($14.99, ISBN: 0-9766761-8-4, 180 pages, black and white interior, color cover) is an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Duncan Rouleau. It is a dark horror fantasy of existential proportions that was optioned by Paramount the moment they saw a story outline and a few preliminary sketches. A screenplay has already been completed and the film is currently in development.

"The Nightmarist super-site was designed by Comicraft's Secret Weapon, John 'JG' Roshell," said Rich Starkings, President and First Tiger of Active Images, "and he's done a bang-up job. As the book expanded and Duncan's story became more and more complex, we decided it needed a special place to call home. That may have been the Nightmarist himself working some influence on me, but…my mind's a bit blank about the whole thing right now."

When a mysterious figure calling himself The Nightmarist appears in Beth Sorrenson's dreams, claiming to protect her from forces plotting to twist her will, Beth's reality begins to crack. Paranoia and suspicion rise and the support of her friends, family and psychiatrist are called into question. Haunted by horrific visions, while both awake and asleep, Beth must decide---has she gone crazy or have her dreams become ground zero in a battle for the future of mankind? Can she trust The Nightmarist?

Her choices may cost more than her soul.

Duncan Rouleau has been a professional artist for many years. His comic book and graphic novel work has included his own M. Rex, Superman in Action Comics (#779 to present), X-Factor and Wolverine. Duncan is also known for storyboarding a number of feature films including Bram Stokers Dracula (Directed by Francis Ford Coppola). More information about Duncan can be found at http://www.manofaction.tv/home.html


Active Images (www.activeimages.com ) is the publishing arm of COMICRAFT, the lettering and design studio founded by First Tiger Richard Starkings and Secret Weapon John 'JG' Roshell in 1992. Active Images entered the world of print publishing in 2002 with Hip Flask: Unnatural Selection and in only a few short years became a publisher of great note, putting out a compelling and eclectic line of graphic novels featuring some of the most talented and up-and-coming creators in the industry, including: Solstice (Steven T. Seagle), The Spiral Cage (Al Davison), Ballast (Joe Kelly), Strange Embrace (David Hine), Temptation, Skidmarks, Gunpowder Girl and the Outlaw Squaw, The Fly Chronicles, and Brickman Begins. Industry legends Dave Sim, Alan Moore and Will Eisner are just a few who have sung the praises of Active Images's lineup.


With a proven track record in Film, Television, Comics, Online, and Video Games, four of the comic book industry's most innovative professionals have consolidated their considerable talents and resources to form MAN OF ACTION, a Development/ Production House conceptualizing and developing work of exceptional quality, commercial viability, and explosive creativity. Among their many projects: Ben 10, airing next year on Cartoon Network; the play N.W.C currently on a nationwide tour; and the award-winning video game X-Men Legends. Each stands as benchmarks in Man of Action's growing influence in the entertainment industry.

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