Actionopolis Announces Sixteen New Series in eBook Format

Official Press Release

Komikwerks, LLC announced an expansion of the Actionopolis line of critically-acclaimed, action-packed novels for young readers. The new books stand by the same philosophy the line was founded on: that action and adventure should be driven by strong concepts, fully developed characters, and great stories.

Sixteen new books are now available through the Amazon Kindleâ„¢ platform. The all-new books are written by such distinguished creative voices as Louise Simonson, David Odell, Annette Duffy, John Helfers, Tim Waggoner, Alan Grant, William Messner-Loebs, Jake Bell, and Barbara Randall Kesel. Those are just a few names among an incredible array of award-winning creators, all of whom have professional backgrounds in a variety of media including comics, animation, film, television, video games, and publishing.

New titles in the line include Children Of Olympus, Dragonblood, Last of the Lycans, Master of Voodoo, Nightmare Expeditions, and many more!

Being on the Kindleâ„¢ means the new books are available not only to owners of the Kindleâ„¢ reader, but to anyone with an iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, or Android device.

Initially launched in 2006, Actionopolis books featured seven titles which were greeted with high praise from reviewers at the School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Comics Buyers' Guide, to name a few.

More details to follow in individual press releases! Visit http://www.actionopolis.com for complete details on the new books!

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