Action Comics: Jimmy Olsen Is Dating One of Batman's Exes?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Action Comics #1006, by Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, Brad Anderson and Josh Reed, on sale now.

It was one thousand issues and 80 years ago, in Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s Action Comics #6, that Jimmy Olsen made his DC Comics debut.

Since then, he’s been everything from a junior reporter to a photographer to, most notably, Superman’s pal. In eight decades, though, little emphasis has been placed on Jimmy’s love life in the actual comic book medium.

However, in Action Comics #1006, we learn that Jimmy Olsen has a very specific, very surprising type when it comes to romance.

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At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent begins to discuss the ongoing Red Cloud mystery with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jimmy is clutching a handful of Post-it notes.

To give himself a free moment to scope things out around the office with his x-ray vision, Clark asks Jimmy how his personal life is going.

“Well, funny thing…” he begins, as Clark proceeds to tune his pal’s words out.

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“—and that’s why I think sleeping with Talia al Ghul was a huge mistake, but everyone is saying…” Jimmy continues before Clark cuts him off so he can suit up and take to the streets – and skies – of Metropolis. Then, as Clark waves goodbye, Jimmy throws the wad of Post-its in the air, each of which appears to be notifying him of a missed call from Talia.

Nevertheless, while Jimmy seems to regret his decision to get intimate with the former love interest of Batman and the mother of Damian Wayne, the missed calls are a clear indication that the feeling isn’t mutual. And hey, after 80 years, we can all probably agree that Jimmy more than deserves to settle down, even if it is with the crazed assassin daughter of a genocidal terrorist.

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