Action Comics: Superman’s Only Hope is [SPOILER] - But What's Their Game?

Where Robinson Goode comes in to play

Okay, conjecture time: Goode might just be working with Lois. Maybe using her shady connection with Mr. Strong to obtain Kryptonite is to help expose Superman in a public setting. If she were to use a shard of the green stuff against Clark in the middle of The Daily Planet bullpen, then he'd have a fight of flight response... or he'd start throwing up and writhing in pain.

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No matter the outcome, it would not go unnoticed and probably confirm the claim of Lois Lane's memoir about her hubby being from another planet. But what's in it for Robinson Goode?  It seems she is actively trying to slander the Man of Steel, or at least corroborate bogus stories. This might just be a last ditch effort to get Superman out of hiding. In doing so, she would instantly be the most popular journalist in the world. With this would come fame, fortune and enough cred to earn her a spot with any news organization. This could be the reward for doing what sounds like an awful idea.

What Does Lois Want?

As for Lois' reason for wanting to expose Superman, it's really hard to say. We don't know why she's writing something that would out her husband as the Earth's mightiest defender, but it most likely ties back to her time with Jor-El and Jon. Maybe what she saw beyond the stars was somewhere she thought she and her family could have a normal life. It would take a huge action for Superman to leave Earth for good. It's his home for all intents and purposes. His wife is an Earthling. So is his mom and his best friend (and Batman).

However, if Superman could be Superman full-time, would he be able to fix all the injustices in the world? Now we're getting into Superman: Red Son territory, but more Superman could lead to more good. Or Lois Lane isn't going to do anything with whatever she's working on. Sometimes writing down something for the sake of catharsis is completely normal. That's literally what journals are for. However, all the secrecy and hiding from her own husband points to the possibility that Lois has something up her sleeve, and Clark probably won't like it.

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