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Hey, Brian can shine the light on other blogs, so we all can!  Disintegrating Clone tells us something that is true:

"If you live to a hundred and twenty, you will never ever encounter a comic book character worse than the Highwayman."

He is, of course, a liar:

Click on the image for more information.  All you need to know: his monocle fires electrical stun blasts.  His monocle fires electrical stun blasts!

This guy is crying out for the Bendis treatment.  Or the Morrison treatment.  Or the Brubaker treatment.  Or the Ennis treatment.  I'd even take the Straczynski treatment, for crying out loud!

As I asked in my comment on the original post, what comic character has Len Wein created that's half as cool as The Highwayman?  Answer: None!

The Highwayman: if you'll pardon my language, just another reason why comics are fucking awesome.

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