Batman Writer Tom King Explains Why Ace is Better than Krypto


Batman writer Tom King just came for Krypto the Superdog, dragging him in true Twitter fashion.

When fellow comic icon Gail Simone tweeted that "Krypto > Ace," King decided to have a little bit of fun defending the Dark Knight's doggy sidekick, Ace the Bat-Hound.

Perhaps the most humorous part of his defense is that while Krypto is named for the things that negatively affected Superman -- Krypton and the planet's remnants -- "Ace [is] not named 'deadmommydaddy.'"

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The response is riddled with the humor that King often infuses into his writing. It's clearly a very tongue-in-cheek response, but there is truth in it. King has a special place in his heart for this character.

King wrote a story about the pup titled "Good Boy" in Batman Annual #1, with art by David Finch, which was released in November 2016. Perhaps the most successful and acclaimed story to ever be told about Ace, the funny and heartwarming piece earned King an Eisner Award. (King also pointed this out in his response to Simone.)

In addition to Batman, King also currently writes Mister Miracle for DC Comics, with art by Mitch Gerads. He earned notoriety with his and Gabriel Hernandez Walta's Marvel Comics series Vision, as well as Vertigo's The Sheriff of Babylon, which also featured art by Gerads.

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