Acclaimed Eric Shanower "Age of Bronze" Graphic Novel Released as Interactive iPad App

Official Press Release

The Age of Bronze, Eric Shanower's renowned, on-going graphic novel series depicting the people, places, and events of the Trojan War, has been released as an iPad app. The Age of Bronze "Seen" app brings an incredibly engaging and interactive enhanced book experience to the iPad.

Originally published in black and white by Shanower's independent publishing house, Hungry Tiger Press, the Age of Bronze "Seen" app brings Shanower's deeply researched story and art to full-color life. Colorist John Dallaire worked closely with Shanower to create a beautiful and historically appropriate color scheme for the series. The app also features a page-by-page, interactive reader's guide written by Yale classics scholar Thomas Beasley.

Driven by the (patent-pending) Behind the Seen engine created by publisher Throwaway Horse LLC, the app allows seamless navigation between the pages of the graphic novel and the comprehensive reader's guide, as well as character profiles, maps, and links to external, web-based sources - without the need to exit the app. Age of Bronze "Seen" also includes a built-in discussion board, where users can post their thoughts and interact with the creators and each other.

The app is being released under the name Age of Bronze "Seen", and includes the first issue of the graphic novel series. Subsequent issues will be released monthly. Each issue will feature approximately 20 pages of comic content, following the format of the original print publication. The first several issues of the app are being offered at the introductory price 99 cents.

Throwaway Horse LLC is a Philadelphia based company and the creators of the well-known Ulysses "Seen" and Rowson's Waste Land "Seen" apps.

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