AC Comics' Line Of Golden Age Statues To Benefit ACTOR Comic Fung

Official Press Release

ST PETERSBURG, FL (March 10, 2005) -- AC Comics has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Reelart Studios to produce 1/6 th scale pre painted resin statues of their gorgeous FEMFORCE girls and, where applicable, the Golden Age counterparts of these characters. Created by AC head honcho and all around raconteur, Bill Black, the FEMFORCE is the first and longest lived of any all girl superhero groups....and these ladies aren't just your ordinary looking gals either. Like Matt Baker, Bob Lubbers, Bill Ward, Jack Cole and many other Golden Age artists whose specialty was rendering the beauty of the female form in sequential art, Black & company have achieved that look for the past twenty years with their quality art and superb storytelling ability.

The first piece being developed in the series is THE BLUE BULLETEER. developed by Bill Black and based on art by Brad Gorby and Black. The Blue Bulleteer's costume is based on the Fox Features Matt Baker version of the Phantom Lady character. The Blue Bulleteer is the masked alter ego of Laura Wright from her World War II beginnings in 1943 into the 1960s before she becomes the sorceress, Nightveil. The sculpting chores on The Blue Bulleteer will be done by Shawn Nagle, a master craftsman at defining the power of the human form in sculpture.

Both AC Comics and ReelArt Studios have a great deal of interest and respect for the Golden Age of comics and their creators. The line of statues will pay homage to the original Golden Age artists who drew these characters by involving them in the development process and having them sign limited editions of their characters Obviously this can only be done in a few instances as we have lost so many of these wonderful talents, but the attempt will be made where availability lends itself. ReelArt Studios will also be donating $500.00 of selected Golden Age character profits towards A.C.T.O.R. Comic Fund. A.C.T.O.R. (A Commitment To Our Roots) is a federally chartered non profit organization developed to provide monetary assistance to former comic book creators requiring supplemental health, medical, and quality-of-life assistance. To find out more information or make a donation, please visit http://www.actorcomicfund.org/.

AC Comics Bill Black states, "I'm happy to be associated with ReelArt Studios because, in regards to the enjoyment of the Golden Age of comics, we seem to be cut from the same cloth. After viewing Shawn Nagle's excellent sculpting up close, I am certain that he will do a superb job of forming gorgeous statuettes of our FEMFORCE ladies. These figures will be popular not just to FEMFORCE fans but to everyone, worldwide, who appreciate the female form."

ReelArt Studios owner Michael Hudson says that "We are real happy to be working with Bill, Mark Heike and Brad Gorby. The AC Comics' business philosophy as well as their respect for the creators who came before them makes the union an exciting environment for ReelArt Studios."

A.C.T.O.R. Comic Fund President Jim McLauchlin commented, "It isn't every day that A.C.T.O.R. gets an opportunity like this and we are grateful for it. ReelArt Studios is a top notch operation that holds comic book veterans in the same high regard as we do."

The Blue Bulleteer statue is in pre production sculpting stages now and is scheduled to be on the market by mid July to August of 2005. This highly collectable edition will be limited to just 300 units. Please visit the ReelArt Studios website @ http://www.reelartstudios.com/ and the AC Comics website @ http://www.accomics.com/ for more updates and information.

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