Absolute Carnage Video Pushes Norman Osborn to a Mental Breakdown

Absolute Carnage 3 feature

The tie-in animated video series to Marvel Comics' crossover event Absolute Carnage continues, with a delusional Norman Osborn continuing to struggle with his identity issues, as he believes himself to be Cletus Kasady.

Picking up from the ending of the previous video, the true Carnage berates Norman for failing to acquire the symbiote codex implanted within his grandson's spine. Unable to comprehend that he is not actually Carnage himself, Norman visits Doctor Treadwell, his old psychiatrist from the Ravencroft Institute where he was confined for therapy sessions regarding his identity, with murderous results.

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As the acclaimed comic book event continues, Marvel has released short animated videos focused on Norman's role in the crossover, from his imprisonment in Ravencroft to a violent confrontation with his estranged son Harry.

Ever since he bonded with Carnage's symbiote to briefly become the Red Goblin, Norman's mind has been left fractured, causing him to believe he was actually Cletus Kasady. Now, with Carnage back in action and deadlier than ever, the walls of Norman's psyche are becoming increasingly fragile as he blindly follows the fanatical serial killer.

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Absolute Carnage #4 is written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ryan Stegman. It is scheduled to go on sale October 16 from Marvel Comics.

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