Absolute Carnage Gives a Venom Host a New Symbiote

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage: Scream #1, by Cullen Bunn, Gerardo Sandoval, Victor Nava, Erick Arciniega and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

Although the Absolute Carnage crossover is only getting started, monstrous symbiotes have already plunged the Marvel Universe into a state of absolute terror. In his efforts to summon the dark symbiote god Knull, Spider-Man's crazed foe Carnage is targeting every hero and villain who's ever bonded with a symbiote.

Considering Venom, Carnage and other assorted symbiotes have been hanging around the Marvel Universe for about three decades, there are a lot of former hosts for Carnage to target. As Absolute Carnage: Scream #1 reveals, Patricia Robertson is one of them. In the early 2000s, she briefly bonded with a clone of the Venom symbiote, and now she's unwillingly bonded to another, Scream.

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Scream Patricia Robertson

Before she bonded with any symbiotes, Patricia Robertson was a communications specialist in the U.S. Army introduced in 2003's Venom #1, by Daniel Way and Francisco Herrera. After she bonded with the symbiote clone and tried to hunt Eddie Brock's Venom, the original Venom absorbed her symbiote, and Patricia began quietly hunting her old symbiote.

Next to Venom and Carnage, the yellow-and-red Scream, who was created by the Life Foundation, was arguably Marvel's third most-prominent symbiote in the '90s. After years of inactivity, Scream's host, Donna Diego, was killed in 2012. When Carnage sends out his marching orders in this issue, the Scream symbiote reanimates Donna's corpse and starts hunting unsuspecting civilians.

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Using a small arsenal of anti-symbiote weaponry, Patricia finds Scream and her mindless symbiote doppelgangers. After a brief fight, the Scream symbiote leaves Diego's corpse and forcibly bonds with Patricia.

Scream Absolute Carnage

Overwhelmed by the dueling voices Scream and the call of Knull, Patricia quickly loses control to Scream and begins hunting down Andi Benton, another hero who briefly used the Venom symbiote clone as Mania. Although Andi isn't Mania any more, she still has considerable supernatural abilities, which she acquired on a particularly hellish mission and seems set to use in her imminent battle against Scream.

Although no one is guaranteed to make it through Absolute Carnage alive, Scream will star in an ongoing series, Scream: Curse of Carnage, after the crossover ends. Curiously, the solicitation for the series lists Donna Diego, Patricia Robertson and Andi Benton as previous Scream hosts. Although the teaser for the series doesn't confirm if any of those characters will appear in the ongoing title, it still seems like Patricia and Andi might swap the symbiote, for at least a little while, in the fairly near future.

Given that comic's subtitle, it seems like the Scream symbiote won't be welcomed by whoever wields it next. While Scream got a hold over Patricia in this issue, Patricia and her symbiote seem set to duke it out for control as Absolute Carnage rages on in the coming months.

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