Miles Morales Gains a Signature Element From Into the Spider-Verse

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3, by Saladin Ahmed and Federico Vincentini, on sale now.

In Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales, the titular superhero has been dealing with his own slice of, well, carnage. As Cletus Kasady has unleashed a veritable army of symbiotes to claim the codex left behind in anyone who has ever bonded with one of the Klyntar before, Miles has found himself protecting a surprising target: the Scorpion. While the two were fighting, they were interrupted by Carnage, who had set his sights on Mac Gargan, who had a brief stint as Venom once upon a time. Ever the valiant hero, Miles leapt to the defense of his enemy, but he unfortunately fell into the clutches of Carnage.

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Now, Miles has been taken over by a symbiote -- but he fights to regain control. In Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3, the young Spider-Man finally breaks free of the evil symbiote. Better yet, his heroic antics might have just gained him a signature element from Sony's Academy Award-winning animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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For many people, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was an introduction to Miles Morales. While the animated film changed some details of his origin, most of what was on the screen was a clear reflection of the fan-favorite Spider-Man. But what was perhaps the biggest departure for the character turned into a signature piece of the film: Miles' red and white Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes. The young superhero wore the shoes for the better part of the film, and even sported them during his epic first swing around New York as the city's new Spider-Man. The shoes were new for the character, and the unique look has become synonymous with the character.

And now, that look may transition into the comics.

In Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #3, the young Spider-Man finally breaks free from the Carnage symbiote thanks to his venom blast. However, his fight is far from over, and he soon gives chase to another Carnage symbiote throughout the city. Eventually, the symbiote leaps towards a kid, and Miles has no choice but to tackle the monster through a store window to save the kid's life. Now in the middle of shoe store filled with frightened clients, Miles eventually puts his enemy down with another venom blast.

The store's owner thanks Miles for saving his life, as well as those of his customers. In fact, as "a token of appreciation," he offers him a free pair of shoes -- red, black and white sports shoes that look a lot like those Miles wears in Into the Spider-Verse. Of course, it's likely the comic can't use the actual Nike shoes, which is why those offered by the owner are called Athena Sky 6's. At first, Miles refuses, but the store owner insists on gifting them, as a thanks for all Spider-Man does for New York.

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Absolute Carnage Miles Morales Spider-Man shoes

Unfortunately, Miles can't take the shoes just now. He's got bigger problems to deal with in Carnage, whom he plans on fighting by, well, bonding with a Carnage symbiote. However, the store owner tells Miles that he's putting the shoes aside for him, so he may take them upon his return.

Now, Miles has a pair of red and white sports shoes with his name on it. They aren't in his closet just yet, but he might go back to take them after all this Absolute Carnage business is done. Then, he'll be able to put them on... and take them for a swing around New York City.

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