Absolute Carnage Writer Donny Cates Clarifies FCBD Story

Absolute Carnage Venom Eddie Brock

Writer Donny Cates has commented on Marvel's Absolute Carnage story in the Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day Special 2019.

While CBR's original feature on the one-shot stated Eddie Brock was the man who killed former Venom host Lee Price in prison, Cates revealed it was actually Carnage's Cletus Kasady disguised as Eddie to frame him for the murder.

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"Sorry, this is probably my fault for making this issue needlessly confusing. But that was NOT Eddie Brock in the prison," Cates shared in a Twitter post. "That was Cletus Kasady disguised as Eddie so he could frame him. He made his new symbiote look like Eddie. Sorry if that wasn't clear."

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The FCBD story begins with Eddie trying to get the word out on Cletus' murderous plan to hunt down any character who has bonded with an alien symbiote. After the police scoff at Eddie's ranting, the scene jumps to Rykers Island Penitentiary, where Cletus-disguised-as-Eddie is eating in the common area of the facility. When Lee tries to bully Cletus, the madman rips out Lee's symbiote, kills everyone around him and escapes.

The last page shows Carnage contemplating his next target when the friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man swings into his field of vision.

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Absolute Carnage, by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, will continue in Aug.

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