Bryan Hitch Unveils New Authority Artwork

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Fans of Bryan Hitch, rejoice! The British artist and his blockbuster "widescreen" art will soon be reunited with DC Comics' iconic interventionist superhero team "The Authority." Hitch has drawn a new cover for "Absolute Authority Vol. 1," a collection of his run with Warren Ellis on the acclaimed "Wildstorm" series.

Hitch previewed his pencils for the project in a tweet on his official Twitter feed.

Apparently, the cover won't be his only new piece in the collection: the hardcover is also slated to feature an all-new story written by Ellis featuring Jenny Sparks and the gang. According to the artist, this story will be "set during the classic continuity of the Authority. A 'Lost' story, if you will..."

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However, fans hoping to finally see the completion of the "Authority" strip that was reportedly shelved due to uncomfortable parallels between its plot and the events of 9/11 might be disappointed to learn that this story won't be included in the collection. Moreover, according to Hitch, he never completed work on it and no longer has the original script.

According to DC's solicitation, the "Absolute Authority" hardcover also includes "The Authority" #1-12, the "Planetary/The Authority" one-shot "and more." "Absolute Authority Vol. 1" goes on sale on October 11.

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