About Comics Cancels "DNAgents" and "Crossfire" reprints

Official Press Release

About Comics has announced that they are ending their trade paperback

reprints of Mark Evanier and Will Meugniot's DNAgents and Evanier and

Dan Spiegle's Crossfire, effective immediately. One volume of each

series has already been released. The second volumes, announced for

January and March respectively, will not be released.

"As much as I like the material and am pleased with the positive reviews

it generated, the decision came down to simple dollars and cents,"

explains Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics. "The orders for

Crossfire Volume 1 – which I thought was a particularly nice-looking

book – and DNAgents Volume 2 made it clear that these reprints were not

going to be profitable."

The first volumes, DNAgents: Born Orphans (ISBN 0-9716338-7-8) and

Crossfire: Hollywood Hero (ISBN 0-9753958-1-5) are still available for

reorder. Each 176 page 5.5" x 7.75" volume has a cover price of $9.95 US.

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