Abnett, Mhan Wage "He-Man: The Eternity War" in December

IGN reports that Dan Abnett and Pop Mhan will take on DC Comics' He-Man franchise in December with "He-Man: The Eternia War." The series will replace Abnett and Mhan's current ongoing "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," and was developed by Rob David head writer for the Masters of the Universe franchise at Mattel's Playground Productions.

"This is the big one! The epic! So much 'Masters of the Universe' lore and mythology sweeping together in one epic storyline! He-Man, She-Ra and their allies combine to take Eternia back from Hordak in the war to end all wars.... and there are other sinister threats lurking in the shadows," Abnett said via press release. "Did I say epic? I think I did. Twice. And Pop is a genius! His art is amazing. He's the sort of artist that writers long to write for! I can't properly express how excited I am about this book."

Abnett and Mhan have already made their mark on the "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" ongoing series, with the duo's current arc, "The Origin of She-Ra," delving into the origins of Princess Adora. Although DC's November solicitations have yet to surface, it's likely that the new "He-Man: The Eternia War" series will replace "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" #20 when it debuts in December.

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