ABC's <i>Fables</i> TV Show Is "Probably Dead" Says Creator

For those waiting for the rumored ABC television adaptation of Vertigo comic Fables... you may want to stop holding your breath. According to writer Bill Willingham, the show is "probably dead."

Talking to io9 about the comic's 100th issue, Willingham said,

Through rumors of rumors of mistellings of legends, I understand that the new DC regime was very much interested in getting Fables going [as a television series]. The TV show that was prematurely announced is probably dead — don't hold me to that, because I don't know. Hopefully, I'll know before it airs, but I'm kind of out of the loop.

A shame, but it's good to know that the powers that be at DC want the show to happen. Maybe on another network, if we all click our heels together three times and wish really hard...?

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