ABC President Reveals Why "Marvel's Most Wanted" Didn't Work Out

During ABC's Television Critics' Association panel, new details were revealed about the state of Marvel's partnership with the network. Yesterday we learned that Hayley Atwell is always ready to play Peggy Carter again, and that ABC and Marvel are working on more shows together. SlashFilm's reporting from the TCA panel discussion sheds more light on one of the Marvel/ABC projects that didn't happen: "Marvel's Most Wanted."

The "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." spinoff would have starred Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as Mockingbird and Lance Hunter, but the show was not picked up to series after ABC saw the finished pilot. "Most Wanted, ultimately at the end of the day, did not feel as strong as some of the other pilots that we shot," said ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey. "We talked about it with Marvel and we all came to an agreement that we want to figure out what the next show is that we do together, is something that we all feel is as creatively strong as it can be."

Dungey also revealed that Marvel Studios is free to shop the pilot to other networks. "It was a joint partnership between Marvel and ABC Studios," said Dungey. "We certainly are open if they were to find another home for it to have that happen."

If Marvel is shopping "Most Wanted" around, they'll have to take Palicki's new gig into consideration; the actress recently signed on as one of the leads in Seth MacFarlane's hourlong sci-fi/comedy series for Fox. That network has already ordered 13 episodes of the still untitled MacFarlane series.

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