ABC in ‘Active Talks’ to Bring New, Female-Led Marvel Series to Air

Marvel Television's longest-running series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., may be coming to an end with its seventh season, but Marvel and ABC are already looking ahead to the future.

Deadline revealed today that ABC is in talks with Marvel Television to develop a new series. According to the outlet, the series is completely separate from the female superhero project that was being developed by Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg last year. That project was described as a women-focused Marvel superhero series for the network and had even received a pilot commitment before the plug was pulled back in February.

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The goal is for ABC to have one Marvel property on its network at "any given time." As of now, details regarding the new project are sparse. However, ABC President of Entertainment Karey Burke did tease that the character will be brand new. “I have spoken to Marvel and we are in active talks about one project in particular," she told Deadline. She also went on to tease that this new series will control its focus of presenting female focused superheroes, but more importantly, that it would be “something brand new, mostly."

While there were talks of a Ms. Marvel series being in development, that project, of course, seems like it'd go to Marvel Studios rather than ABC. Still, Marvel has a vast library and the possibilities are endless. With a beloved character like Squirrel Girl having originally been pinned for a Freeform series -- that show is, of course, no longer happening -- it would seem there's potential for a character like America Chavez to get her live-action due. Or perhaps the "mostly" comment hints that Squirrel Girl is being pulled from the failed New Warriors series and moved into a new project?

It is of note that, while Deadline tosses She-Hulk into the mix alongside Danielle Moonstar, She-Hulk does have potential rights issues that make that seemingly impossible.

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Either way, it seems like this project is still in the relatively early stages with a late 2020/early 2021 release probable -- if it actually makes it past the development stage, unlike Marvel's Most Wanted and the Untitled Female Superhero Series from last year.

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