ABC Is <i>Taken</i> With <i>Missing</i>

Liam Neeson's Taken was something of a surprise for many viewers. Who could have predicted that the erstwhile Qui Gon Jinn starring as highly trained covert operative, now retired, fighting through France in pursuit of his abducted daughter (played by Lost's Maggie Grace, no less) would be nearly as good as it ended up being? Stupid question — we all should have predicted that.

Apparently, we can count ABC Studios as some of the many fans of Taken. Although they're not adapting the Pierre Morel film for television, they're certainly deriving some inspiration from that movie for Missing, a summer-debuting series written by Greg Poirier and executive produced by Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo. Missing focuses on a young man who disappears in Italy during his summer internship, prompting his mother to travel to Europe to track him down. But the mother is no ordinary woman — she's a former CIA operative, and like Neeson's character, she's putting her skills to good use in the search for her son.

Is it too early to start pushing for Lena Olin in the mother role?

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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