"Abazad" #1 gets 2nd print, "Abazad" #2 preview

Official Press Release

Powered by building buzz, ABADAZAD #1, the debut issue of the new fantasyseries by writer J.M. DeMatteis, artist Mike Ploog and colorist Nick Bell,quickly vanished from many comic shops. This week, to welcome those who mayhave missed out, CrossGen has conjured ABADAZAD #1 Second Printing.Featuring a new cover by Ploog and Bell, the 32-page reprint hits on thesame day as ABADAZAD #2.

Chapter two opens as Kate, a troubled teen haunted by the disappearance ofher younger brother, finds herself transported into Abadazad, the magicalworld she had known only in a series of fantasy novels. Will she now findthat reality is often stranger -- and more dangerous -- than fiction? Andhow can the surreal wonders that Kate encounters lead her to her missingbrother? Readers will discover the answers in the story that Comic Shop Newscalls "a true visual tour de force... the product of a creative gestaltrarely seen in comics."

"ABADAZAD is a project I've nurtured for years. To see it finally appear inthe world, and be so warmly welcomed, is quite literally a dream-come-true,"DeMatteis said. "I look forward to a long and joyful collaboration with theamazing Mike Ploog and the whole team at CrossGen."

"Thanks to stellar reviews and strong word of mouth, ABADAZAD #1 blew offthe shelves. Once it was clear the way things were heading, we didn't waitto get started on a second printing," CrossGen V.P. of Sales Chris Oarrstated. "We know that's what retailers need to grow a title: readilyavailable stock of the early issues."

ABADAZAD #1 Second Printing and ABADAZAD #2 both zoom into stores on March17th.

Your Connection @ CrossGen,Bill Rosemann

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