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First EL CAZADOR #1 shivered their timbers. Then KISS KISS BANG BANG #1 gotthem all hot and bothered. Now ABADAZAD #1, launching the new fantasy bywriter J.M. DeMatteis, artist Mike Ploog and colorist Nick Bell, has cast aspell on critics around the world! Let's see what reviewers have to sayabout CrossGen's newest surprise...

"Far out...a thrilling coming-of-age fantasy." -Wizard

"With ABADAZAD, Ploog is on his way to a new creative peak. But ABADAZAD isDeMatteis's baby and it shows in the skill and care he's put into theseries. Great characterization gives us people we can empathize with and, intime, are likely to come to love. An intriguing storyline that acknowledgesits roots without recycling them draws us along as Kate's questbegins...ABADAZAD contains all the elements for a comic book classic." -Mike Conroy, Comics International

"ABADAZAD may be the best thing CrossGen has yet published...it sparks theimagination...(and) captures the younger, more innocent side of adultimagination, and in so doing draws the reader into a fantasy tale rich withpotential. Highly Recommended (10/10)" -Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"Together, DeMatteis and Ploog have created magic and it's called ABADAZAD.If you like your fantasy with a real-world twist, this melancholy dream of acomic is something you owe it to yourself to check out." -J.C. Vaughn, Gemstone Publishing's Scoop

"The return of Mike Ploog to the world of comics couldn't happen in a morespectacular manner...ABADAZAD is a book that will appeal to anyone from 4 to104...a story suitable for children, yet stimulating enough for adults aswell, creating something an entire family can enjoy together...a great storyfull of innocent fun and incredible imagination!" -Mike Bullock, BrokenFrontier.com

"There's nothing like a giant disembodied head glaring out at you fromamidst the superhero clutter to pique your interest...Another strong debutfrom CrossGen as their latest offering continues their trend of diversetitles, entertaining stories, and high-quality production...Do yourself afavor and give ABADAZAD a try, especially if you enjoy the all-ages fantasystylings of Lewis Carroll, L. Frank Baum and the like." -Jared Moraitis, HeroRealm.com

"Filled with character and spunk...dreamy and whimsical." -Augie De Blieck Jr., ComicBookResources.com

"A rich balance of grounded, human storytelling and characterization and thewonders of imagination that only children's literature can offer. I've neverbeen so impressed with the debut issue of a CrossGen comic before. HighlyRecommended." -Don MacPherson, TheFourthRalil.com

"ABADAZAD is sheer magic! A coming-of-age fantasy tale guaranteed to sweepyou off your feet and transport you away to an all-new world ofwonder...Ploog's art fits this tale to a tee, giving the entire comic aclassic feel. Meanwhile, DeMatteis writes one of the most compelling comicbooks that I have read in years...Tear-jerking at times, ABADAZAD should beconsidered a modern classic along the lines of Baum's The Wizard of Oz." -Heath Shelby, TheComicFanatic.com

"DeMatteis spins a tale not unlike The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan,Alice in Wonderland, and the more recent Harry Potter books, but it has anidentity all its own...Ploog has hit the nail on the head with thisapproach, and he has succeeded in crafting an original and unique artisticidentity for this title...an awesome debut." -Craig Reade, Comixtreme.com

"ABADAZAD has the makings to be the first comic masterpiece of the 21stCentury...The fanboy in me has been yearning for Mike Ploog to come backonto the comic scene for a while now, and to say he exceeded my expectationswould be an understatement...ABADAZAD is funny, touching and beautiful. Andsince it's coming on the heels of EL CAZADOR and KISS KISS BANG BANG, dare Isay that CrossGen's future is looking mighty bright once again?" -Robert Taylor, JazmaOnline.com

"Behold! The first breakout hit of 2004! This is absolutely the mostshockingly delightful story...fusing modern storytelling techniques and artwith classic themes...a literary achievement...whether you are six orone-hundred-and-six, you are going to enjoy this...and like CrossGen's othersurprise hit EL CAZADOR, get yours early because it will not be on theshelves long." -Jim Keplinger, MediaSharx.com

If you too are in the mood for magic and mystery, join the journey onFebruary 18th, when ABADAZAD #1 zooms into a comics specialty store nearyou!

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