'Abattoir' Gets Prequel Film, Debuts New Promo Art

While "Saw" franchise veteran Darren Lynn Bousman's new horror film "Abattoir" is currently being shopped at Cannes, the filmmaker is already preparing to write and direct its prequel, "The Dwelling," according to Variety.

Set before the events of "Abattoir," "The Dwelling" will follow Jebediah Crone (played once again by Dayton Callie) as he continues to purchase houses with tragic histories, all the while unveiling dark secrets of his character along the way.

"Abattoir" is based on the Radical Comics series of the same name and stars Jessica Lowndes as a reporter on the trail of the enigmatic Crone as she discovers his construction of a house made of rooms where crimes and other tragedies have occurred.

“What is most exhilarating as a filmmaker about the universe of ‘Abattoir’ is that it is steeped in a captivating mythology with our villain as the central character. This allows us so many different ways to tell stories in this world, each with its own unique point of view," Bousman told Variety of his plans to keep playing in this world.

In addition to news of the prequel, Bloody Disgusting debuted the key art (above) promoting "Abattoir" at Cannes.

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