'Abattoir' Adds Joe Anderson, Dayton Callie and Jessica Lowndes

It's been a while since any news surfaced on Darren Lynn Bousman's film adaptation of his Radical Publishing comic Abattoir. However, Variety reports that actors Joe Anderson, Dayton Callie and Jessica Lowndes have boarded the project with "production currently underway in New Orleans."

Anderson appeared in the recent Hercules film starring Dwayne Johnson -- also based on a Radical Publishing project -- while Lowndes, who played Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the 90210 reboot, is set to appear in Eden. Callie is likely the best-known of the trio, as he portrays Wayne Unser on FX's Sons of Anarchy.

The most recent update about the film adaptation hit in 2013, when Bousman announced he planned to adapt the Abattoir comic for film. The original series, created by Bousman, written by Rob Levin and Troy Peteri and drawn by Bing Cansino and Wayne Nichols, ran for six issues and followed an attempt by real estate agent Richard Ashwalt to sell a house where a murder took place, which leads him down a path of horror and suspense after encountering strange old man Jebediah Crone.

The film is the third project from Radical that is set for film -- both Hercules and Oblivion were Radical properties as well. While Variety's update does not specifically list the company as being involved, Radical's Jesse Berger is attached to produce.

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